I’m packing y’all

(Retrospectively published for Saturday morning).

Moving day is fast approaching (4th of August, woop woop!) and true to form, we’ve barely started packing.

However. Today is the day.
By the end of tonight our whole life will be packed neatly into perfectly labelled boxes.        And that’s why I’m sitting on the couch, drafting a blog post.  


Now,  despite the low-rider jeans,  I’m not actually a badass gangsta.

Packing heat? Nah mate.

The only weapons I’m packing are Des and Troy, and despite my boldest claims, they are definitely not WMD’s.

The next two weeks, however, they shall unleashed on Croytown as                              Weapons of Mass Relocation.

Yahoo.  I’m packin’ y’all.




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