Our shower gets pretty revolting at times.

Mostly because I hate cleaning it so much.

I figure the penicillin growing in the grout will protect us from tinea.

That theory doesn’t really hold water. Unlike our shower, which may have been installed by a goat.

Normally the water from a shower is supposed to go down the plug hole. In our one, a decent volume pools in the back left-hand corner, creating a paddling playground for parameciums.

 A couple of months ago I had an epiphany:  if I keep a scrubbing brush handy and spend 30 seconds per shower scrubbing scum, the whole thing stays surprisingly clean.

 It’s also a good time to think. This morning as I was scrubbing I was feeling a bit sad.  My mind was probing into dark, damp corners.

 Places where the sunlight doesn’t get to. 

 Places where mould can grow.

Negativity is a lot like mould. If you pretend it’s not there, it spreads….       Little spores of frustration and anger and apathy and selfishness. And even if you give it a massive blasting with chlorine, in the right environment it just needs time to grow again.  

Our shower is the perfect environment for mould. 

A mind that is switched on to the happenings of our world is the perfect environment for negativity.



I think I will give my scrubbing brush a name.


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